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     For Patients

​​Clinical Assessment

Pacific Minds enables clinicians to provide a comprehensive assessment of your mental health with recommendations about appropriate treatment. A report is usually sent to other involved health service providers, such as your GP, summarising the assessment and treatment plans. Assessments are usually carried out at the Pacific Minds Clinic in Coffs Harbour, though if necessary can be by video-link if that is not possible. You are very welcome to bring a family member or support person to the assessment appointment if you would like.


Following a comprehensive assessment, ​a treatment plan is prepared following a holistic bio-psycho-social-lifestyle model. We  can organise a range of psychological, pharmacological and neuro-stimulation treatments for a broad range of mental health problems.  If an assessment finds that a sub-specialist or other specific treatment is indicated we can assist in arranging a suitably skilled clinician or service to provide this. If in-patient care is recommended then this can be organised by us at Bindarray Clinic in Coffs Harbour or in a sub-specialist unit further afield as necessary.

Your Information

When carrying out an assessment and providing treatment we are very careful to ensure that your health information is managed safely and appropriately. For more information on how we do this click on this link.

For General Practitioners

Specialist Opinion

For doctors who prefer to continue to take the lead in treatment provision for their patient, though would like a specialist opinion, we can arrange a full report and recommendations utilising a Medicare "Item 291" process or with a "shared-care" model.

Collegial Advice and Support

We are always happy to provide advice, whether general or specific, on any area of mental health care and can be contacted through the clinic phone number or by email (

For Legal Professionals and Insurers

Medico-Legal Opinions

Comprehensive medico-legal opinions are available to third parties such as insurers, legal professionals, professional regulators or others on request.

For Educators

Teaching and Supervision

Our clinicians have relationships with the Rural Clinical School of  The University of New South Wales in Coffs Harbour and teach students of the school. Requests to provide teaching or supervision to other individuals or groups are welcome.

For Mental Health Professionals

If you share the values and beliefs of Pacific Minds and would like to work with us, then we are interested in talking with you. We can offer collegial, supervisory and  administrative support to clinicians whether on-site at our base in Coffs Harbour or to clinicians working at other locations, including remotely.

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